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2010-10-24: TFTgallery 0.13.1 has been released!
The prior versions of TFTgallery have a lazy input value check so attackers could inject malicious code into any gallery. Please use the bugfix to solve this security problem.

2009-07-15: TFTgallery 0.13 has been released!
As version 0.12 had some errors, I had to release a corrected version. Here I added a few little features:

2009-06-07: TFTgallery is twittering!
Now you'll get real-time information about TFTgallery. Simply follow TFTgallery at Twitter.

2009-04-03: TFTgallery 0.12 has been released!
This is approximately the last version of the 0.x branch, because I am developing a complete new version.
In this version several new features have been included, such as:

2008-04-14: TFTgallery 0.11.4 has been released!
New in this version is the integration of Lightbox2: The scaled images can alternatively be displayed using this javascript function.

2007-11-14: TFTgallery 0.11.3 has been released!
An error processing uploaded images has been fixed. Furthermore audio and video files can directly be displayed in your web browser.

2007-10-04: TFTgallery 0.11.2 has been released!
All versions of TFTgallery have a bug so an attacker could see the images of any directory. The new version 0.11.2 fixes this problem.
Furthermore the EXIF data of the digital still cameras can be given out.
Now the starting behaviour has been changed: Either the traditional "Welcome" text, a survey of all albums or a predefined album is displayed.

2007-09-08: TFTgallery 0.11.1 has been released!
TFTgallery versions 0.1x had some bugs so an attacker could upload malicious PHP code.
The new version 0.11.1 fixes this problem. Now the administration username and default password is not admin any more.

2007-08-29: TFTgallery 0.11 has been released!
After some months of work and too much Release Candidates, now the new version is ready with several new features:

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