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2007-08-21: Another Release Candidate of TFTgallery is online!
There was an error with password protected albums -- now this security issue is fixed, too.

2007-05-29: The latest Release Candidate of TFTgallery is ready!
Now the gallery should work with UTF-8-encoded filenames.

2007-05-16: New website design
Now the TFTgallery project page has a fresh design.

2007-03-05: New translation tool available!
Now you can easily translate TFTgallery in any language! To avoid a misuse, this tool is password-protected. Please ask saschalorenz (at) for the password!

2006-09-24: New version 0.11 beta available!
Some new features were added to the gallery:

Please note that this new version may have some bugs! If you are experiencing problems using this version, please tell me via email or in the forum!

2005-07-21: New version 0.10 with several new features!
Now the gallery has an image upload possibility, PDF and ZIP generation of carts or whole directories and lots of error corrections and improvements. We recommend you to upgrade to this new version.

2004-09-30: New version 0.9.1 fixes a bug!
A bug in 0.9 caused the albumdescriptions not to show up. This has been fixed in this release. If you've already set up your gallery you just have to get the new release and replace the thumbnails.php-file with the new one.

2004-09-27: New version 0.9 released!
A lot of work has been put in the script. Some new features are: password-protection for single folders/albums, an adminpanel, logging, descriptions for single files and so on...
Some more translations have been included (french, italian, polish). Have a look in the contact-section for the authors.

2004-06-24: Brandnew version 0.8 released!
Finally, GD1.x-Support has been added, along with some minor feature enhancements. For example pictures are now sorted by filename before their thumbnails are shown.
We are very close to the 1.0 release now. But support for password-protected albums, a file upload form, and many smaller things are still missing. For a full list have a look at the projectpage. If you want a feature you can't find there, drop us a mail!

2004-05-25: New Version 0.7 released!!!
Mike and I (Jan) put together our code and coded almost any new feature we wanted. This version is a real improvement and you should consider taking a look...

A new member joined the development team: Mike Scalora. He send many good ideas and code so I (Jan) invited him to join...