Where to get TFTgallery

The latest released version is 0.13.1. To get this version you have to:

  1. download version 0.13 (choose the one you prefer):
    • TFTgallery 0.13
      version 0.13 with all features
      MD5 sum: 2b56d8e0d1448dd2bb0a4d7d23c327f5
    • TFTgallery 0.13 Lite
      version 0.13 without calendar
      MD5 sum: 1eb1c367dd9c88bb3ba3a17fbb05e094
  2. use the following patch and replace some files:

Here you'll get all the released files.

Just make sure the latest version of TFTgallery is running on your webserver!

User Manual

There is a user manual released with every new version. Currently available:

Inside development

If you want to support the TFTgallery team, you can also use the pre-released versions and test them on your web server.

You can either use the Sourceforge CVS service to get a snapshot of the current development:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co -P gallery

or you can fetch the latest beta version of TFTgallery.

Important Note: These pre-released versions may contain some errors, so the TFTgallery team is not responsible for any data loss!